About Me

I am Jaydee, a Pastor's Kid. I grew up in a baptist church here in the Philippines.

Growing up as a PK has molded me into what I am today - growing up in a church, being part of the church, and my experiences of being in God's amazing grace.

About This Blog

I created this blog to remind myself of the blessings that God has given me. By actually writing, I can see how God has worked and is still working in my life.

This blog will contain stories and experience both as a Pastor's Kid and as a Christian. My thoughts, reflections, notes and lessons will be a part of this blog.

The general goal of this blog is to write down what I have learned in life and about my faith in God. Hopefully, I will not lose sight of this goal, and just write without thinking "what did I learn from this post." 
I want to see God's grace in my life (and also in others) and to refine my faith because of God's grace.


These are the main categories of my posts.
  1. Story - Posts containing my personal stories
  2. Christian Life - Posts that talks about the Christian faith
  3. Lessons - Posts that are about lessons I made for either the church, or personal lessons
  4. Book Reviews - Posts that talks about books that I have read. Sort of a summary of what the book is about and what I learned from it.
Then there are main topics that will most likely be always used, or are unique in how they categorize content.
  1. church - posts directly involving the church, the good, the bad and the problems. 
  2. pastor's kid - posts including stories or experiences unique to pk's
  3. updates - updates about this blog and other updates about me
  4. problem - some problems that I see within the church or with Christians. This is not to discredit the faith, but to renew and refine it, learn from our mistakes and move on

Then, posts that talks about various topics - subtopics. Included here are topics about, love, joy, peace, etc.

[ I have been reading "Diary of a wimpy kid" (when I started this blog) and that is what made me decide to push through into making this blog. (So yes, the page title is based from DoaWK).

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