Friday, December 5, 2014

Decem-brrr | God's Blessings

What's going on? I'm having a writer's block. A writer's block is when.. write.. stuff.. idea? what?
I already started 3 blog posts. started. At least, I already made a sentence for each blog post, ahaha.

Hopefully I can continue and finish it by this December.
I will make this promise now, in order for me to be challenged to do it. This month, I will publish these 3 blog posts, 1. Influences in teaching 2. I'm a failure 3. My dad.. (bow)

My last post was November 18.. and it was an update, just like this one. So yeah, I haven't really posted a relevant blog post dealing with a certain topic aside from an update. But, I guess an update is just as relevant as the other blog posts, at least for me, because years from now, I could read this and think "oh, I did that?" or "that happened?" and just laugh or cry, or whatever.

Where is this post leading to? Maybe I'll just tell a story then.

This will just be a quick post, since the story is related and will probably be covered in my post Influences in teaching.
Well, being a teacher, or leader in the church is something awesome. I don't want to see myself as a "leader" but I want to be like a big brother to our youth. Being a brother is so much better because it has a personal ring to it. They can approach you as you are, tell stories or open up easily rather than a leader, or teacher where there is a barrier or a gap.

Weeks ago, we went to a church event in the city, around 1 hour drive away from church. So, it was at night and it's a good thing that one of our youth was given permission to attend, considering we might arrive late. So the event happened, we had dinner at mcDonalds, and went straight back to church around 9:30 and arrived 10:30. Well, driving back home, it was just a blessing that our youth who came with us (we were 3, the other is our songleader, and the one is new at church) opened up while we were heading back to church. We talked about religion, his thoughts about Christianity, some instances at school regarding their theology class, and etc. It's just that he's a silent guy. One who does not talk too much, and at this point I'm thankful that he came with us because now, at least, he has opened up and formed a bond with me.

Forgive me if how I write right now is a little messy. Like I said, I currently have a writer's block. Nyahaha, I'm just giving out reasons to write lazily xD

Next story is at church. Well, my sister and I became lazy to prepare for our sunday afternoon youth, so we decided to skip the activity. We still had our youth fellowship, but in a different manner. We decided to just tell stories with each other, and simply have fellowship while eating pomelo (fruit) that is abundant there at church. It's a good thing we did that, as some of our youth told stories about their past church, struggles and etc, and we simply enjoyed each other's company. It's a team building sort of thing, I guess you could see it that way.

I guess that's it for now. Short stories of these past weeks that is kind of memorable. What's the lesson? I guess it would be, Friendship through leadership.. or Be more than a teacher, be a friend.. something like that, hehe
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