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You are a pastor's kid if

I have read this post that talks about being a Pastor's Kid. Some of it are true and some are not, basically because of the difference of culture and church setting, so I decided to make my own version.

Check the about me page so you would know my church setting or culture.
check this link (31 Signs You might be a Pastor's Kid).

You MIGHT be a Pastor's Kid IF:

Number 1: You are a hero in scripture memory.

Growing up in a Christian school, we were required to memorize around 10-12 different verses (mostly proverbs and psalms) every month. This made me memorize, even got Scripture Memory Awards at the end of the school year for memorizing every month. And to be honest, there were years where Scripture Memory Awards is the only award I got, hahaha.
And at church, I join memory verse competitions where you have to recite as many memory verses you can in our sunday school class.

Number 2: You grew up in a Christian school.

I think most PK's grew up in a Christian school, and some pk's I know (and mostly Missionary Kids) were home-schooled.

Number 3: Your secular friends (who knows that you are a pk) refrain from saying bad/curse words.

Your friends (from church and secular) obviously refrain themselves from swearing. They hide it, or even correct others not to swear when they are in front of me.

Number 4: You can't go home after service even if you want to (atleast as a kid). 

Well this is because my parents talk and talk to lots of people after service, and of course I get bored waiting for them, particularly if my playmates went home already.
Well that was when I was a child, now, I actually enjoy staying so long after service to have fellowship with others.

Number 5: You know Salty

I grew up to various music, including Don Moen, Phillips Craig and Dean, but salty is just 'unique' maybe because it is composed for children, and I think we were singing some salty songs in our sunday school.

Number 6: You are a celebrity... sort of

You greet people you don't know, but they know you. Sometimes, there are people who talks to me but I can't remember who they are, and it turns out I met them once as a kid, or we were in sunday school together, or they just know me because they know my parents.

Number 7: You are always present in church presentations

By present, I do not mean attendance where you sit in the chair and watch. I am talking about you being part of the church presentation. Be it anniversary, or Christmas program, you name it. I remember practicing every saturday for maybe a month for our choir presentation. There was even one event where we did a puppet show! The good thing is, I do not get a major role, like a solo or anything because it might show favoritism :)

Number 8: You get the belt

Ouch! Of course I also get in trouble, and I get the rod (proverbs 13:24; 23:13)
(also, Filipinos are stereotyped for this, either being disciplined by a belt, slippers, hands, or a wooden spatula. I don't even know what grounded means when I was a kid! hahaha)

Number 9: Mission Trips!

This is fun, one of the perks of being a PK is travelling. As a kid, we went to different churches, even as far up to the mountain areas. I remember having a 1 week VBS in the mountains - no electricity! but of course I was a kid and gadgets are not that same as what we have now, so it was good.

Number 10: You are a Bible Guru - even if you are not

You either volunteer to answer your teacher's question or you are involuntary volunteered to answer >.<

And Last.. for the men out there.

Number 11: You always get asked "So do you want to be a Pastor like your dad?"

I don't remember how many times I have heard that phrase. Be it a serious question or a joke. Until now I still get that question when I have discussions with my friends about stuff related to the Bible or church etc, or because I teach at our Sunday school men youth group. It's not that I hate to be a Pastor - It actually is rewarding to be one, who knows ;)

If there is anything that I have missed, write it down in the comment section.

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