Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blessed November | God's blessings

It's 10:00pm and it's kinda boring. Not yet inspired to write another blog post article, so I just want to write an update about God's grace in my life. Atleast, 5 years from now I would read this again and say "My November is so blessed." 

Work stuff

I've been working now for 4 weeks, and this week is my fifth. I'm just so blessed with this job and if you have read my blog post [God's will through desperate times] I have shared how God has blessed and led me to this job.

One good thing about this job is salary!! hehe.. I now can buy stuff I want and need, and I also get to set some amount for the house expenses. Of course, I gave my offering, happily and joyfully. Like, I was excited to give my offering when I have not yet gotten my first salary (for reals!). It's just so blessed to give my offering, specially when these past few months, I can't give any. I'm not saying this to brag or say that I'm giving my offering. I just want to share the experience of giving it joyfully.

One funny thing (and I want to write this down so I can remember and laugh at it again in the future) that happened is that the first day I started my job and went home, my sister and our 1 church member teased me already to treat them. I haven't even had a taste of my salary and they want me to treat them already! hahaha

Church stuff

In my blog post Reading the Bible with Grace, I mentioned that we started studying the Bible looking for God's grace, love, mercy and forgiveness in our youth group fellowships. It has been a blessing, and (honestly, for me) I have seen and noticed some changes with our youth fellowships. Before, at times, it becomes dull and forced. When the lesson time comes, it becomes dreadful. Some changes I noticed is that I can see that our youth are enjoying our fellowship time. This may be biased since it is what I see, nevertheless, some changes can be clearly seen. They are more involved, not really that forced and little by little they themselves volunteer in helping. My lesson with the sunday school and youth group now has a theme. It is about God's grace, love, mercy and forgiveness. I think, because before, the lesson was about "what should I do now that I'm a Christian, and how can I know that I'm a Christian" But now, it is more of "Because of God's grace, we can now do these things as a Christian, our past is gone, our mistakes and sins are forgiven.

"When you've truly been impacted by grace, you stop seeing people as commodities and competition, and start seeing them as neighbors and friends."

House stuff

There's just one thing I want to share about our home that is such a great blessing for us. For two months now (I think) we started to pray as a family. It is a great blessing because we can be one when we pray. It is a great way for us to see how God works in our life as a family, and the quote "The family that prays together, stays together." Is true and amazing.

Through this prayer time also, we spend time with each other every night. We sometimes tell stories, laugh at stories and enjoy each other's company.. a great blessing indeed. There are times (for me) that I get angry at them, and before, I bring it to sleep and the next day it feels like there is a barrier between me and my parents or my sister. Because of this prayer time, it is easy to forgive them, and myself, for being angry when at times it is also partly my fault. I feel like we became closer with each other as we enjoy our time with each other.

Well this prayer time started because of one hurtful thing that happened to my mom. I think she just became too stressed and her hidden feelings suddenly burst out. Me and my sister were partly at fault, and thinking about it now, it was God's way of bringing us closer together. Sometimes God will use something hurtful in order to bless us and give us something good.

Other stuff

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Another is I'm actually thinking if I should reveal myself or not. It's like I'm a superhero having a hidden identity, hehe. But, yeah, if you want to see my facebook page, it's this. :) I'm kind of afraid that people I know will find out about this blog, because I fear to be criticized for writing about God's Grace and love [TO ME]. So please be gentle with me if ever you will see my fb xD
I'm more open to share my fb to this blog, and to you readers out there than to share my blog to my fb friends. So, just send me a message :)
Anyway, I can just edit this post and remove my fb later on if something bad happens, hahaha

Thanks for reading this update. God bless :)

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