Friday, April 10, 2015

Back from the dead | A reason to take a break and to write again

Easter has just finished last sunday, and if you guys are not familiar with what's special about Easter, it's about when Christ rose up from the dead to show that he is God, he can be trusted, and there is victory over death.
I have not posted for around 2 months now, and there are reasons why I haven't posted any blogs or stories, and also a reason for writing one now.

Batman is Dead

Well, I'm a fan of The Dark Knight Trilogy, so, yeah, just bear with me as I use these references :)
Anyway, there is a reason why I stopped blogging. I guess I needed a break, and a time for me to think properly. It started when I wrote up a post with the title "My frustrations with denominations" where I thought about talking about what I don't like hate about denominations, and let's face it, it will involve the Church. At first, it sounds noble to see what's wrong with the church and try to reform it. Like what I don't want with a church, because of its faults, because of the arguing and all of those debates. Even with what I see around me where Christians fight over supremacy over another, fellow Christians. With recent events too where I read up debates on a Facebook Group of Pastor's Kids who debate over each other, argue and then gets worse to which they even go and ask "How are you doing your soul winning? / Are you involved with your Soul winning?" And even belittle others as to how they serve God in the church, "because you are JUST involved with the music ministry." 

There are other more stories, but this is enough to make a point. These kinds of debates, it's actually depressing. And in this post, I am not venting out my anger or frustrations as I have intended to do with the frustrations post. I just want to show why I stopped posting. I read an article regarding Christians who vent out frustrations about the Church, the same as what I have intended to do with writing the post. As I was reading, it was pointed out that we are not helping the cause of the Gospel just by venting out our anger with the church.

I needed to think properly, "If I publish this post, will it be helpful? Or will it just destroy the image of the Church, Christianity, the Gospel and Christ? Will it encourage Christians to stay faithful?" And without these questions, I may as well just be criticizing the Church for what I don't like even if I am the wrong one. Criticizing the Church just for selfish reasons. And probably in the long run, I will just be complaining about everything that does not agree with my point of view.

With those reasons, I stopped writing and took a break from blogging. 

The Dark Knight Rises

If there is 'The Dark Knight Rises', then, I too shall rise up again.

This hiatus was started with a good reason, and prolonged by laziness. After around 2 months of not blogging, I took up my cape again to continue my crusade - and in this case, I mean my keyboard for my blog.

One of the reasons I need to continue writing again is because of God and my relationship with Him.
The second reason for writing again is to fight against laziness, sin and temptation.
With me not blogging, it felt like I drifted away from God at times, then reunite again with Him when sunday comes. I too got lazy in preparing for my lessons, and just have them reviewed the night before. Comparing the time when I was active in writing, I was more diligent in preparing my lessons as compared to these recent hiatus. It's not that my passion from teaching was gone, it's just that my preparation lacks and therefore at times I mix up my lessons. And being somewhat 'lukewarm' and 'cold' with my faith, sin and temptation lurks and finds its way to destroy my spiritual life.

Starting to write again, I hope to rekindle a fire within me, to stir my thoughts into Godly things, to push myself into preparing my lessons well, and to unshackle myself from temptations. With writing, I actually am reminded of God, and how I am made for Him. I hope to write posts that are encouraging, helpful and thought-provoking. I wound not want to write just for the sake of writing and having views.

As I have mentioned before in my About Me page, I created this blog to remind myself of the blessings that God has given me. By actually writing, I can see how God has worked and is still working in my life.

[After not writing for about 2 months, I kind of forgot how to write properly. bah, who cares xD ]

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