Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More than views | 1 year old blog

My very first blog post was posted August 22. 2014. So, technically August would be the birth month of this blog :) Since it is August, I "need" to post something, right?  xD


I haven't been posting lately due to increased responsibilities in my work, as the number of our clients also increased. Also, last  July, I started a class every friday for our youth. It's not really a class, but more like a meeting or a fellowship where we have lessons about God, or the Bible - A Christian's Life. Currently, I have 2-3 students attending regularly, and I'm thankful that they give out their time to fellowship and learn. 3 people may seem "little" and not worth going to as compared to typical church gatherings of more than 10, or a classroom of 50, but listening to them, knowing their stories and seeing them wanting to know about God is worth my 17km drive from the city to our church. It's not your typical class where the teacher stands and the students sits down to listen type of class. We have snacks while "talking" and we just listen to each other. I learn from them, they learn from me.
You see, I wanted an approach that will make them comfortable and open up with their own stories.

This is how our lesson works:
1. Our lesson is based on a verse or a character trait from the Bible, and usually my answers to their question or my reactions to their answers are based on this verse or trait.
2. I ask questions and they write their answers down, and later on we will listen to everyone's answers. I encourage them to write down exactly what they think, and I want to listen to what they really know/think - not the "this is the answer to his question type of answer"
(e.g. 1. What do you think about when you hear the word "Life with God" or "spiritual life?")
(e.g. 2. What part of the church, or activities in the church (or any God/Bible related thing) do you enjoy?)
(e.g. 3. What part of the church, or activities in the church (or any God/Bible related thing) do you not enjoy?)
3. By listening to their answers, I give out my opinions, my reaction or a part of the lesson.

The good thing about this type of setup is that they will be answering from their own personal experiences. Doing this will let me know their story, and as we all know, not everyone is the same.
The hard part of this setup is that giving out answers or reactions will be impromptu
and I pray that as I give out answers and reactions to them, hopefully it won't be misleading and that it will guide them (us - including me).

Having this type of class makes it easier also for them to know how to apply, and also change their perspective in life, and improve their actions/life that will be glorifying to God. The advantage I see in this setup is that it is "real" and "about us" - it is easy to relate to and learn from because the lessons we have will be directly linked with our stories...something like that.

Future of this blog

I still plan to continue to write, and hopefully publish posts regularly - be it once a week, or twice a month. With around a year of writing and publishing posts, I would say that it is not about views. I started this blog to write down my thoughts, stories or anything that will remind me of God's goodness, or of lessons that I have learned in life. Views and seeing people actually read my blog posts is encouraging, but I do not want to write posts for the sake of viewership alone. I hope that as I write and learn from my experiences, others and you dear reader will also learn from it.

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