Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Updates

Updates on this blog. Check the "About" page and read my About me, and About this blog. I have included information and goals about this blog. The labels and topic categorizations are also there.

This post: New blog post type and my reading, music and youtube list.

New blog post type! 

Aside from stories that are unique to PKs, and post regarding church growth and Christian life, I will start writing a PROBLEM post. Here, I want to directly talk about the problems of the church and Christians. These are things that I see as a problem within the church and with individual churches. This is NOT to discredit the Christian Faith, but to renew it. To learn from our mistakes and move forward.

so, wait for me to finish my first problem post, A dangerous "light" where I will talk about Christians who directly and indirectly hurt others when they try to be a "light"

Reading List, Music List and Youtube List


For the past month or two, I've been listening to this awesome musical duo Shane & shane, check them out :)

Another thing that I've been into recently is sermon jams. These are video clips from famous preachers, where when you listen to it, it seems like a spoken word video.
[If you don't know what spoken word is, check out some videos on youtube. sample ]

Another good playlist that I like listening to is the hymn project by aprilmade. Check it here


And here are some Christian youtubers I recommend for you to watch and subscribe to.
  1. The Anima Series - Good videos, mostly spoken word videos. Definitely a must watch.
  2. Jefferson Bethke - He is the uploader of the viral video, Why I hate religion but love Jesus. Check his channel, he vlogs about various Christian topics.
  3. The skit guys - If you want [Christian] comedy skits, this is the channel for you. 
  4. The Bible Project - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this channel. They make creative animation videos about the Bible. Check them out. 
  5. Dude Perfect - These are Christian youtubers who do trick shots. Well, not really a channel where you can strengthen your faith, but it's what i've been watching recently for entertainment, so yeah.

If you are adventurous, try The Atheist Voice. I don't really recommend this, but if you just want to learn, just try it. [you have been warned :)]


For what I am reading now, here is the list.
  1. Evidence that demands a verdict by Josh McDowell
  2. Christ-Centered Preaching by Bryan Chapell
Blogs, articles and others:
  1. The Gospel Coalition - check this site, you will see tons of articles regarding the Christian faith
  2. Relevant Magazine - another site about the Christian faith
  3. For past times sake, I read articles about basketball

If you have any recommendations for me to read, watch or listen to, just post them on the comment section.

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