Friday, September 12, 2014

My Salvation Story

This is not a salvation story that is dramatic, and that will bring you to tears. I have heard testimonies that are real tearjerkers, and how I wish my story was like theirs. How they tell that God saved them from their evil works, or how lost they were in their life and all that. It's amazing how one's life was changed from a morally sinful life to a God-fearing and loving life.

My story

Well, growing up in a church, of course, I was taught to be good, to do good even if I was a silly and naughty boy. The point is, comparing my story to others who did not grow up in a church, it really is different how their salvation story is. They talk about how God changed their lives from doing bad to doing good. My story is how I accepted Jesus, and, just continued to be good.

Some of you may relate to this part. I was saved three times (or four? hmmm). So here is how the story goes.

Salvation #1

When I was a kid, probably around 8 or 9 years old, my sunday school teacher talked to me and 2 other kids individually. She dealt with us about salvation. The "process" on how a person is saved, the "Three C's of Salvation." Conviction, Confession and Conversion. So yeah, I prayed the sinners prayer, and tada, I'm saved.

Salvation #2

At this point, I was still going to church (well of course, my dad y'know, hehe), and I was in 5th or 6th grade. So, our teacher saw us kids on a break, playing and doing nothing, so he dealt with us about salvation. His approach was different, as he pointed out to revelations. He showed that believing in God will save us from the coming rapture, and also about Hell. I WAS SCARED! Who wouldn't be scared by that! Hell! Fire! 
So yeah, I accepted Jesus again in my heart, and all that prayer that they use. Well, me and my friends were good kids after that, haha. Whenever one of us misbehaves, one will say "I thought you are saved already?" So the hype only lasted for a few days, or even months. Though some of them were not active in church after this event, now, I see one who is active in church. And this one guy, who was like the unruliest kid in school is now attending and active in church! Amazing really how God transforms a person.

Salvation #3 (Assurance of my salvation)

So this time, we were about to  move to another church, and it was painful. My dad and I talked about the transfer and all, then later on we prayed. After, we just talked, and it led to him asking about my salvation and all, then later on we prayed for the assurance of my salvation. I was probably 12 or 13 here.

Salvation #4

This time, I'm already 17 and in college. So, I really can't remember what happened, or why, but I prayed alone, in my bed.
At this point, I think I was really down, pressured in my studies, even thought about quitting and enter bible school. This is because I felt like I don't know about God, or the church or doctrine. I know God, I know most of the stories in the Bible, but I felt like it was not enough. Or like I was not growing in my faith, so there I prayed, prayed for the assurance of my salvation, and there, I was saved... the fourth time.

What I learned about salvation

For the most part, I think that my 4rth salvation is my real salvation. But thinking about it, if I died when I was twelve, will my 2nd salvation assure me to go to heaven? What if I died when I was 10, will my "Three C's of Salvation" assure me that I will go to heaven?

Thinking about and comparing these four stories of my salvation, the difference between these 4 is the depth of my salvation. I placed my trust and belief in Jesus as my Savior in all these four instances. So the difference is the understanding of my salvation. The difference is how serious I am in trusting and believing in Him. How I placed my trust in my 4rth salvation is the same as the one in the first. The thing that is lacking was my spiritual growth and maturity.

You could be saved without praying the "sinner's prayer." You could make your own prayer, of how you believe in the power of God to save you through Christ Jesus. Some people think that they are saved because they prayed the sinner's prayer, but in reality they do not trust in Jesus as their Savior.
We could easily say "I believe" but in reality we don't believe. So, if when I was a kid I just said "I believe" to maybe end the conversation, then I am in danger. Or probably when I professed that I believe to escape hell, I don't know. But now, I am sure I am saved, and that is the important thing here.
Believing there is a God is different from believing IN God. 

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