Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stuff Christians say

Well, the funny thing why I thought about this post is the recent album or song that one direction released. You got it right, FIREPROOF. (I think I heard some girls scream?)
Anyways, when I saw that it was trending I clicked on it, and to my surprise it was One Direction. Are we now getting on the same page? Or are you confused about "what is with this post talking about fireproof?"

To get things clear, I don't listen to 1D, okay? So what is with fireproof you ask?
If you grew up or a Christian for so long, you might relate to this scenario:
1D Fan: "Have you seen fireproof? OMG! IT'S SO AMAZING!!"
Christian: "I know right! their love for each other is amazing. Kirk Cameron is such a good actor!"
1D Fan: "Who's that?"
Christian: "errr, from the movie Fireproof"
something like that, haha

So, here are some Stuff Christians say:

1. Sorry, I can't go to our school activity on Sunday.

Why is it that activities are always done on sundays?

2. No running!

This is the 11th commandment of the Bible. Serious. No running inside the church! 'nuff said. xD

3. Liars go to hell

Man, this line is so old! I remember saying this when I was a kid.

4. Watch your mouth

For reminding people and specially children to stop cussing.

5. But I don't know how to pray

Yeah. This phrase. People use it to escape praying

6. Bro. Sis. Brother. Sister.

We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. so You get a brother. You get a sister. Everybody got brothers and sisters!

7. I'll pray for you

Sometimes good, but sometimes it is only said to condole a person. 

8. I'm praying FOR you

No, this is not the same as #5. Still don't know what it is? It's a "God' Will" thing. Still don't get it? Here's the second part of the sentence, as my wife.. or husband.

9. I'll pray about it

This is a phrase you say to escape decisions. Do you want to join our group? I'll pray about it. Do you want to give a special number? I'll pray about it. Do you want to join any ministry in the church? I'll pray about it. Do you want to sit down beside me? I'll pray about it.

10. We're having a fellowship on [insert date here]

PAAARRRTTTTYYYY!!!! naaah, parties are lame. Fellowship is way better than parties. For reals.

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So what are some things that you usually say?

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